a french flair for the weekend: part II

January 17, 2011

at once the vicissitudes of life had become indifferent to me, its disasters innocuous, its brevity illusory…

Here, time stands still, instantly evoking warm recollections.

Here, time feels like icing, slowly, almost impalpably, melting in your mouth.

L’ arrêt du temps – no other name could be more eloquent for this nostalgia-laden café.

checkered floor, flower-patterned wallpapers and almond blossomed paintings

lovely china on silver plated dishes…

and we are ready to savour our Little Prince…in a cup!

every corner is so adorably decorated…

…with such loving detail

makes you want to snuggle up, and read, and sip your tea… for long lazy hours

just look at this beautiful chandelier and the play of light and colours…

oops, reality calling! got to go. but before doing so, there’s one more room to visit, and something tells us it will be just as charming.

Just look at that!

let’s powder our noses, let’s get the phonograph screeching and do the cabaret!

my peacock feather headdress is SO befitting!

and so are my shoes designed and handmade by our talented friend John Stamatiou

…and we’re all set to go! hey, catch a peek at the making of! 😉



  1. So, where do we find this cuteness?

    • 5-7 Vas. Alexandrou, opposite Caravel. 😉

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