Sunday morning coffee and a chitchat at Kifissia

February 20, 2011
where else  can you find the same atmosphere for the last 120 or so years? Grab some great pastry (lemon pie was yummie..) and a coffee, sit comfortably on the leather chairs of circa 1960s design and enjoy an air of tradition and a cult travel through time …A few spots in Athens have remained untouched throughout the years and one of them is  pastry shop Varsos at Kifissia, established 1892
Girls, catching up…
check out those retro details… 
time to freshen up…
strike a pose..!
…downtown girls don’t forget to get some goodies for home…
un peu de Paris before we go..
ps. the photographer 😉


  1. Nice! A “cult” place @ Kifissia that has remained untouched by main-stream fashion trends, always producing great pastry (my favourite: “galaktompoureko”). Excellent pics by the photographer!

    • thank u so much! ps. galaktoboureko rocks:)

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