heavy metal

March 8, 2011

today’s obsession: big, chunky, out-of-the ordinary jewelry, inspired mostly, as it happens, from nature.

feather-and-claw ring by Maria Nilsdotter














stag ring by Digby & Iona (photo: the cherryblossom girl)

lace bracelet by 24 karas (photo: the cherryblossom girl)

chainmaille necklace and handpiece by Luv Aj

arrowhead pendant necklace, crystal cluster necklace, lemon quartz pipe necklace by Luv Aj (yes! that’s how we like them! worn all of them together! droool…)

spike bracelet, crystal chunk cocktail ring (seriously badass, hey!) by Luv Aj

feather earpiece by Maria Nilsdotter

want them all! x



  1. PERFECT!!!!

  2. where can i buy themm?

    • dear Saj, we do mention the brands and names of creators, so you could check out their respective websites to see if they have online purchase option.

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