a spring fix in the heart of Athens

May 22, 2011

Met for coffee at the lushest and most refreshing spot in the heart of the city…

starting the day with  big smiles…

and a strong greek coffee…

just a walk at the quiet footpaths of the National Garden.. to get away from the city buzz..

…gives you energy you wanna fly!can you believe you are still in our fuss ‘n’ frenzy (lovely, though) city?swirl this skirt around..and get playful!.. strike a pose under the sun..and some more posing.. ..to show off the long floaty skirts – hot trend of the spring and smile bye bye …for the moment…!! see ya soon;)

PS. did u check out those details? (in love with this modern romantic bag)and the almond blossom bowling bag   (get it here: http://www.vangoghmuseumshop.com/en-GB/6550/Bowling-bag-Almond-Blossom.htm )and of course there is always some wild where there is nature.. xo xo 



  1. How about doing a fashion pictorial from Nea Ionia, really like your stuff.

  2. Τέλειο καφέ! που είναι κορίτσια;
    συγχαρητήρια για το εμπνευσμένο “ανεβαστικό” σας blog!

    • Thanx, Georgia! @ the National Garden! 😉

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