Meet, Shop and Rejoice

July 15, 2011

so… we were heading to the Meet Market, weren’t we?

dusk has fallen and an incredible sliver of a moon has emerged… gracefully outlining those three slender figures…

Holy Mustache, ever-present @ the Meet Market, displaying his vintage goodies

diggin’ those chain-laced shades? pretty cool, huh?

And THIS is adorabilia trinketry par excellence: the cover of an old Practical Encyclopedia of Sewing(!) entitled “Golden Needles”, fashioned into a purse with golden chain, inside pockets and all!

more purses made from children’s books!

And what’s a Meet Market without pups and babes?

(babe wishes to keep her anonymity, but check out those adorable teeny-tiny yellow Converse shoes!)

All pics, courtesy of Antonis Makriyannis. Thanx Antoine! 🙂


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