Allons enfants up on the hill, for a gourmet picnic is awaiting

July 23, 2011

what a better day than Bastille day to stroll down the most breathtaking promenade towards Filopappou for a different kind of picnic? for today, red, white and blue are our colours! vive la tricolore!

this year’s posters for the Greek Festival have caused quite controversial sentiments. we like their surreal, kinda flaky approach.. whatcha think?


no comments. well, just one: do we really need much more than this?

…and now begins the treasure (food!) hunt: follow the stripy red & white ribbons to find the foodie glade

here we are! the casserole banner of the Athens Amateur Gourmet Society!

the AAGS masterminds with their mignon aprons

Miss Lexi Barrell stirring the paella, mmm….

…a sip of champagne to celebrate the special occasion. On aime la France, quoi 🙂

night is falling, tiny lights are on, and, voilà, a pretty idyllic scenery, don’t you think? wish you could smell the summer-charred earth and pine needles, too!

bon appetit! bye now, woof!


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