Sweet ‘n’ Sexy November

November 1, 2011

Hey there! It’s been a long time…

The hot summer days gave way to chilly autumn nights…

So how about a steamy cup of tea, a warm jersey comforter and some cool, jazzy, classic, upbeat, sexy, happy tunes to mellow (or heat up!) those nights away?!

1. November – Max Richter

2. Ashkenazy – Rachmaninoff Symphony no.2 (III) – Adagio

3. La Seine – Vanessa Paradis & -M-

4. The Look – Metronomy

5. Midnight City – M83

6. No Cars Go – Arcade Fire (Christian Strobe remix)

7. Spitfire – Porter Robinson

8. Nightcall – Kavinsky

9. Creep On Creepin On – Timber Timbre

10. Brief Encounter – Secret Cities

11. Salvatore Amato – Bell Orchestre

12. Please Be Mine Tonight – Brenda Ray

13. Stranger in Paradise – Caterina Valente

14. Jamb Song – Cuckoo Chaos

15. Dear Sister – Team Me

16. To Carry Many Small Things – Mina Tindle

w O w!

e N joY 🙂


One comment

  1. Wow very nice playlist !

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