ReMap 3: art & the buildings

November 6, 2011

ReMap is an international contemporary art platform open and free to the public, which is held biannually in the area of Kerameikos-Metaxourgeio. It is organized by REMapKM, a non-profit organization.ReMapKM’s goal is to create an alternative platform for the production and experiencing of contemporary art within the urban context, to present an interactive environment within a cultural framework and to enhance Athens’s positioning in the international contemporary art scene.  (text from ReMap‘s site)

We wandered there last Sunday, last day of the exhibition, after a yummy brunch at Nixon’s (a full treat with eggs Benedict, pancakes and all. anw..back to art:P).  A great way to pass a chilly Sunday afternoon, Metaxourgeio  is a nest of beautiful old neoclassical and  60’s  buildings and ReMap is a great excuse to visit them and feel their old glory days a bit..

Check out some phone snapshots 😉

Remap is over but you can still visit  Athens Biennale


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