it takes 42 baby

November 19, 2011

It’s not a secret spot anymore, but we really enjoy this place at the beginning of Kolokotroni str… especially for a late afternoon goodbye week -welcome weekend kind of thing drink- TGIF cocktail… when it’s still cool and fairly quiet. It is opposite all times classic restaurant Κεντρικόν. Τhe interior is somewhat classic with a modern touch, with a red and wood bistro kind of feeling. The bar is an excellent place to sit and enjoy the preparation of the cocktails by hardworking bartenders. 🙂

The selection of cocktails is intriguing… and the decision is difficult, fortunately though, bartenders there are really something; they help you in the decision making process by stating  pros and  cons, chili against ginger with taste analysis, risk assessments and all:  all you have to do is tell them a few things about yourself like your horoscope sign, whether you are a mountain or sea type etc and  tah-rah!! u’ve got yourself a customized cocktail!




  1. LIKE!

  2. To kaloκαιρι γινοταν χαμος στον πεζοδρομο!
    Εχει πολυ ωραια κοκτειλ, δυστυχως οταν εχει πολύ κόσμο αργουν πααααρα πολυ να σε σερβιρουν.
    Το καλο τωρα τον Χειμωνα ειναι οτι απαγορευεται το καπνισμα εκει!

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