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February 11, 2012

Really into jewelery lately, can transform your look competely!

love this look! (don’t remember the source though sorry)

 so minimal! (source styleorectic)


..and wings are our favourite! (from asos)













new ring from h&m

..and hair cuffs also from h&m.

Have a nice weekend!


Pastel part one

February 9, 2012

It’s still freezing cold but we can’t wait for spring to come! Already spotted some cool stuff in the shops. Take a look!



the magical world of a splash of color

January 8, 2012

A bit of graphic design, a bit of decoration, some photography, just a ship of illustration, lots of fun, tones of hard work and an art twist. Pour into a shaker and shake well!!!Serve over ice. Top up with art-jeweleries and sugar garnish!!!!

…This is how SuperKaterina, founder of  Sugar Line Productions describes her world:)

Her creations are spicy, romantic,  nostalgic, playful!

Come on in and have a look!


Belle Epoque, la belle vie quoi!

November 5, 2011

A vintage boutique, a travelling bookstore, a tea room and a backyard with wrought-iron tables and chairs, all in one, in an amazing neo-classical old Athens building that takes you back to the 60s! The ‘concept’ boutique is open for monthly vintage bazaars and film screenings and there is even a Vinyl Record Fair organized next door!

Belle Epoque

34, Voulis str. Syntagma


Fake fur

September 27, 2011

 Jst discovered the perfect vest @H&M!


a spring fix in the heart of Athens

May 22, 2011

Met for coffee at the lushest and most refreshing spot in the heart of the city…

starting the day with  big smiles…

and a strong greek coffee…

just a walk at the quiet footpaths of the National Garden.. to get away from the city buzz..

…gives you energy you wanna fly!can you believe you are still in our fuss ‘n’ frenzy (lovely, though) city?swirl this skirt around..and get playful!.. strike a pose under the sun..and some more posing.. show off the long floaty skirts – hot trend of the spring and smile bye bye …for the moment…!! see ya soon;)

PS. did u check out those details? (in love with this modern romantic bag)and the almond blossom bowling bag   (get it here: )and of course there is always some wild where there is nature.. xo xo 



March 13, 2011

Spring’s obsession is colours. Did some wardrobe update yesterday and here is a small presentation together with inspiration pics. Can’t wait for proper weather!

Don’t be afraid to mix!

asos orange trousers

pic via facehunter


via mr. newton


zara dress and jacket

h&m trend mint skirt