La Petite Cuisine a Paris

March 5, 2011

That’s what happens when a girl with inspiration and resourcefulness combines the love for food with the city of gastronomy, Paris.

Rachel Khoo is the Cook.

After studying Art & Design at Central Saint Martins, her passion for pâtisserie lured her to Paris, where she studied at Le Cordon Bleu.

Four years later… there is a small kitchen.

Ok, not any innovation in that. The innovation is that she opens up this cute little kitchen for a delightful three course lunch for two! As Rachel says, she’s like the culinary version of Carrie Bradshaw, where clothes, shoes and handbags have been replaced with kitchen gadgets, cookbooks and other culinary knick knacks. So, those fortunate amongst you, who are planning a visit to beloved Paris, drop an email to Rachel, if you fancy a unique, dining-at-a-Parisian-apartment experience, and savour something like…

this… Gratin Dauphinois with a fresh herb salad,

together with… this… Poached egg with ratatouille,

and -Omigod- this… Apple and vanilla soufflé.

Served with a bottle of La Grange de quatre sous, Cuvée Garsinde 2009

See (and drool over) more, at: http://www.thelittlepariskitchen.com/

Bon appétit, chéris!


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