A for Athens Hotel and for an Amazing view

July 13, 2011

What’s the new city spot with the most amazing view? Getting any hints from the shades? 😉

The rooftop of Α For Athens Hotel faces the Acropolis, Plaka and Monastiraki square.

The bar features super-delicious cocktails, bold & spicy!

When the blistering heat subsides, people start swarming up the hill of Areios Pagos (the “Rock of Ares”)

On the other side, expands the Psyrri area, whose buildings have become over the recent years the canvas for  street/graffiti artist Alexandros Vasmoulakis 

and another piece of his work side by side with Lycabettus offering another great view at the back of the hotel (This one is called “Love me madly”♥♥♥)

cocktails come with fancy accessories:)

you can sip the Acropolis in a Daiquiri Hemingway cocktail

…and there are always shoes involved (this shot is an adorabilia classic)

check out this vintage peacock bracelet !

there is definitely always something going on at the square

a band…

..and some street performers

…nice moves!

lights on!

You have to visit for a drink, or just a blink!


we’re heading to the Meet Market, we’ll keep you posted!



  1. Mipos ekei na pame gia potaki? 🙂
    Love the bracelet and the sultry red lipstick!

  2. I’m heading there for my birthday celebration soon! Great write up – I’ll let you know how my birthday drinks go.

    • we will be waiting for your impressions..may it be a fabulous bday!

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