Let love in, let love out: Avocado Food for Life restaurant

September 11, 2011

We wanted to visit this place since its opening in April and finally managed to go there last Saturday.. Avocado Food for Life vegan/vegetarian restaurant is at the heart of downtown Athens, at a really cute-old-Athens-neighborhood with small treasure shops,  international cuisine restaurants, more restaurants, more shops  and very close to Syntagma and Ermou buzz. 

Let’s drop in for a pitch stop!

Interior is decorated with warm relaxing colors. Green and wood combination makes it zuper-zen..

..with Siddhārtha Gautama for company

the menu is inspiring and kind of spiritual ;). It’s difficult to chose between  “Life’s a Rainbow”- Oh yes She is  , “Eat,Pray,Love ❤ and ” Om Shanti

let’s have a “Beautiful Day” Salad with (what else?) avocado, sprouts, micro-greens and sunflower seeds and some refreshing “Ginger Passion” juices…after all, we are ginger addicts!

(btw bread was delicious:)

plus an Abundance rice

tummies full, energy enhanced

Don’t miss this warm spot for refueling your body with delicious energizing super food and yummy smoothies full of vitamins:

and don’t forget to buy some organic goodies from the shop next door

…also, don’t forget these words of wisdom



PS. Knock-knock,no luck.. we have to come back here for the next post:) see you soon!


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